We set up your Virtual Server in minutes

2 weeks money back
Starting at R110/month
Full root access

Additional pricing Easily add resources or extend your virtual server.

cPanel/WHM Licence

5 cPanel Accounts R300 /mo
30 cPanel Accounts R450 /mo
50 cPanel Accounts R650 /mo
100 cPanel Accounts R800 /mo
+R150 /mo for each additional 50

Additional IP Address

R19 /month

SSL Certificate

from R249 /annually


Cloud Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technology

✓ Fast SSD Storage

✓ KVM virtualisation

✓ Intel processors

Cloud Software options

Software options

✓ Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian & more

✓ Windows Server 2012 / 2016 / 2019

✓ Microsoft & cPanel Partner

Cloud Total control, total flexibility

Total control, total flexibility

✓ 14 days Money-back Guarantee

✓ Month-to-month contract

✓ Full root access

Cloud Safe, secure & reliable

Safe, secure & reliable

✓ 99.9% uptime

✓ Backup storage is provided on a per-server basis for a quota

✓ Full flexiblity of your backups

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Smart Server Management Take full control of your new cloud server. Here are some key features that are included.

OS Management

Install the Operating system of your choice. Many templates are available.


Maintain your PTR records from the control panel.

DNS Management

Create your own zone records with our DNS manager.

Rescue mode

Spin up a rescue disc in case your filesystem is corrupted.

VNC Console

Manage the VM through VNC as an alternative to SSH.

IP Management

Add up to 4 IP's to your VPS.

Cloud Backups
Cloud Backups
Cloud Upgrades
Cloud Upgrades
Cloud Dashboard
Cloud Dashboard
Cloud Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring

Starting at just R110/MONTH Get Started

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about
If you cannot find the answers to your questions here please contact us.

Do I get full root/admin access?

Yes, you have full root/admin access to your server. This also means you are fully responsible for the management and configuration of your server as well as
making sure that it is secure.

Does your VPS come with a firewall?

A Windows VPS comes with a standard firewall. If you purchase a Linux VPS, you would need to set up a firewall yourself.

What is our average uptime?

Our uptime over the last 2 years was more than 99.9%

Do you manage my virtual server?

We do not offer managed services. We will install products you order directly from us.

Can I get fast SSD drives?

All our servers are deployed on high-end SSD drives.

Are my virtual servers backed up?

You may purchase optional storage for your own backups. Then we do a complete backup every two days.

Can I get additional IP addresses?

Yes, it is possible to add up to 4 IPs to a server. If more than four are needed, we require an explanation.

Which Linux Distribution do you offer?

We offer many Linux distributions including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora. We can also provide you with a custom distribution.

Do you allow custom ISO’s?

If you provide us with the ISO we can deploy it for you.

Does Windows come with Remote Desktop (RDP)?

Yes you can use RDP to access your Windows server. Your Windows server also comes with two Administrator CAL’s.

Do you help with migration?

Yes, for standard applications like cPanel Plesk, WordPress, etc.

How can I upgrade my server?

You can upgrade your server anytime from your customer section. After payment, only a restart of the server is necessary. All data on the server will be kept.