Why our Resellers Program is the Best?

Flexible Deployment 
Get your customers servers up and running in seconds..

Great Discounts
The average discount is 20% off prices listed

Our hardware is top of the end and ensures that you can deliver a high performance and reliable solution to your customers.

Fully automated – free modules for WHMCS and a comprehensive API.

Cloud Reseller Features

You are billed at the end of the month

No monthly “admin” or “service” fees

You only pay a one-time initiation fee of R399. After that you pay for what you use

Reseller panel integrates with WHMCS

Control Panel is powerful and easy to use

Will only be charged for resources used

We offer both Linux and Windows servers for deployment.Or use your own custom ISO

Sell pre-defined plans

Become a Reseller: for only R399 Get Started

Extras You can quickly and easily purchase additional software.

cPanel Logo

cPanel Licenses

cPanel/WHM R249 /pm
Softaculous R50 /pm

Plesk Panel Logo

Plesk Licenses

Web Admin R49 /pm
Web App R69 /pm
Plesk Web Host R399 /pm

Windows Logo

Windows Server

MS SQL WEB R169 /pm
MS SQL Standard R2399 /pm
Office Standard R229 /pm
Office Pro Plus R319 /pm

Have Complete Control – Powerful Server Control Panel for you and your customers

Keep control over every single virtual machine
Ability to track everything happening on your cloud.
New Servers
Easily spin up a new virtual server

Become a Reseller: for only R399 Get Started

Domain Resellers

Integrate with WHMCS

Full management of domains

Complete DNS management

Cloud Domain portal

Sync your domains with WHMCS

Discount off domain list prices

Become a Domain Reseller: FOR ONLY R299 Get Started

Implement in your WHMCS.
Manage the DNS settings of domains.
Intuitive control over all your domains.

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How long does it take to get setup as reseller?

Once you have paid the setup fee, all the details are emailed to you.

How long does it take to spin up a Cloud Server?

Once you have put in all the parameters, less than one minute

Which Virtualization do you use?

We use KVM and Virtuozzo 7

How do i get billed for my Cloud Servers?

You buy a resource pool upfront and can deploy as many cloud servers as fit into your resource pool. Every component, (RAM, CPUs, SSD, IPs) has a certain price tag which is multiplied by the amount of resources you buy. You can see the actual prices when you sign up for the program.

How does the backup works?

We backup all Cloud Servers once a week. If you need more granular backups you can order our Acronis Cloud Backup.

Are Windows licenses included?

Your Windows server will be licensed and is included in the price.

Do you only offer SSD servers?

We only deploy our VPS’s on SSD

Does you offer rDNS and DNS management?

You are able to manage both from your client section