VPS – virtual hosting and great service

Our Company …and how we absolutely love what we do!

We’ve been around a while. We’ve experienced many changes in the virtualization world. With over 50 years combined experience in the service and hosting provider landscape, we’ve come a long way.

In December of 2016, an affiliate of German hosting giant, Dogado, called Host Africa, bought over VPS and CLOUD networks. We have combed the lessons learnt from hosting over 50,000 clients with a dynamic team and new opportunities. This means that Cloud based hosting in Africa is on the road to new heights.

While we expect a few rough patches during the transition period, the net effect for our existing client base will be a more reliable service and better support.

Our new team consists of a balanced mixture of German attention to detail and South African experience. In this way we can cater for the unique conditions and challenges found in our wonderful country.

VPS.co.za is now a part of HOSTAFRICA and getting the added value of German engineering from a company with loads of experience!